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Written by Steve   
Thursday, 24 July 2008 14:31

McBreo - HUD/repossessed homes

Looking to buy a house?  Like to fix things?  You can buy a HUD or repossessed home for cheaper that you would otherwise.  You don't need to pay for a list of these, the link is below.  Generally the homes have some kind of a problem but it will list them and the escrow that will cover it.  (The escrow is part of the price you pay and you have to perform the repairs within a certain amount of time).  All you have to do is find one you want, and have your Realtor place a bid for you.  Just to warn you though, there is TONS more paperwork and more hoops you have to jump through to get one of these, but it will save you money if you find what you want.

Here is where to go: www.mcbreo.com Then click on the state on the right to view what is available

It seems McBreo no longer does the HUD homes.  To see the homes now go to: HUD.gov/HUDhomes

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